Naturopath Services


So you're wondering what it's like to see a Naturopath.

The 1st thing that needs to be completed is a health assessment form. This form can be rather lengthy and asks a variety of questions ranging from childhood illnesses to current living situation. This form will be sent prior to the 1st appointment or will be completed upon arrival at the office.

The form is 100% confidential when completed.

The 1st appointment with a naturopath can be anywhere between 30 minutes and 90 minutes. Longer appointments are usually preferred but can be tailored to the client's needs and specific questions.

The 1st appointment usually consists of discussing the health questionnaire and determining the client's reason for the visit. The naturopath will take notes and ask any subsequent questions to determine the questions that need answered and/or the goals that need to be set. Towards the end of the session, the naturopath may assign “homework” to the client to prepare for the 2nd visit.

The 2nd visit can range from 20 to 60 minutes in length depending on specific health concerns. The naturopath will ask about the time between appointments and see if there were any changes or concerns. He/She will then ask about the “homework” and/or make recommendations according to the results of the 1st visit.

Subsequent appointments will also vary depending on the needs of the client.

With the patient's input, a personalized treatment plan will be proposed to help facilitate achieving his or her health goals.

Naturopathy is not a regulated profession in the province of Quebec.  Naturopathic proposals may include but aren't limited to  recommendations of diet and excerise, massage and even sound therapy. Recommendations are just suggestions and are not to be construed as a prescription. Naturopaths should not replace any current or future conventional medical care. Under no circumstances is a naturopath trying to impersonate a medical doctor.