Naturopath Services


Naturopathy looks at  treating the body as a whole. This  means treating the mind, body, and spirit as one.

It aims to find the origin of an illness and tries to heal the actual cause rather than just treat the symptoms.

Sessions with a naturopath vary in length but consist of in depth questions regarding a variety of issues including but not limited to: your health history, lifestyle, stress levels and diet and nutrition.

Naturopathy prefers to use natural remedies and try to let the body heal itself without the use of drugs or antibiotics*

Some of the therapies or recommendations used in Naturopathy can include but aren't limited to: massage, nutritional counseling and control of diet, sound therapy, the use of herbs or aromatherapy oils, exercise.

*Naturopathy is not a regulated profession in the province of Quebec.  Naturopathic proposals may include but aren't limited to  recommendations of diet and excerise, massage and even sound therapy. Recommendations are just suggestions and are not to be construed as a prescription. Naturopaths should not replace any current or future conventional medical care. Under no circumstances is a naturopath trying to impersonate a medical doctor.